The Front Row

Coup Boston, Fall 2012

coupbostonJust steps away from the pitter-patter of preppy loafers and Wellies lies another dimension of Boston: bright, shiny fashionistas who step out in town sporting bold prints, Italian footwear, and well-calculated ensembles.

Frankly, we’re surprised Kathy Nash even makes it out of her house at all….She’s a registered nurse, an entrepreneur (“I’m in the midst of launching a unique concept, KN MedSpa Lounge, offering the best in nonsurgical beauty boosts”), and a fashion lover…. Nonstop is everything in Kathy’s life, which is why she’s drawn to clothing that’s simple, bold and positive — just like her favorite quote by the 17th-century poet and samurai Masahide: “Barn’s burnt down. Now I can see the moon.” Read more…

The Seven Habits of Highly Attractive People

Improper Bostonian, 2012

the_improper_bostonian-159-7342-1They’d love for you to believe they were born that way — that hotness is some mysterious state achieved only via a blessing direct via the cosmos. But the truth is, most of the preternaturally beautiful people who walk among us — Giselle and a few others notwithstanding — got that way by following a concrete set of steps, tricks and rituals. Read more…

To work well, a peel has to be tailored to a client’s skin type.” ~ Kathy Nash

The Customized Facial

Fashion Boston Magazine, April 2010

fb-mag-coverIf your face truly is your canvas, then priming it is a matter of dedication — to regular upkeep, by way of a facial that feeds your skin in a precisely customized cocktail of nutrients, acids and moisturizers. “Everyone’s skin is very different, so their facials should be very different, too,” explains Kathy Nash.

To that end, Nash has fine tuned her favorite treatment, Regenique — a traditional facial met with technologies that sound straight out of a sci-fi flick. Following a medical grade microdermabrasion (“The crystals are precisely sized, so it never results in those tiger-stripe abrasive marks,” Nash says), she brushes on a gently tingling chemical peel to prep skin for the mini-salad of products she applies next. “Some people need  extra hydration, so I’ll add a tad more hyaluronic acid. Others need more vitamin C, and still others who might be prone to acne need some retinols and a glycolic finish to soak up extra oil and kill bacteria.” Once the face is coated, Nash does an ultrasound and applies a warm towel to push it all deep into the skin’s layers. Days later, a subtle peel develops (covering ours with makeup was a cinch.) Even so, the results of Regenique in a series are as dramatic as a full-scale peel — minus the week of downtime. 

Needles Not Knives

Fashion Boston Magazine, January 2010

fb-mag-cover-2If it seems like just about every plastic surgeon in town is suddenly wielding a syringe instead of a knife, you’re not imagining anything. Injectible fillers are certainly not breaking news, but they’ve now officially crossed the line from peripheral beauty booster (a la Botox) to become the actual core of personal upkeep. And as local doctors and nurses become better and better at using them to reshape the visage, they’re about to hit a crescendo in the next year…

Kathy Nash, a medical aesthetic nurse, couldn’t agree more. “In the right hands, needles can do more right now than ever — without making anyone look fake or like anyone but themselves.” Her current favorite tactic? Using Juvederm in lips (subtly, that is: her clients never walk out suffering from the so-called Meg Ryan effect) and in the teardrop area just under the eyes to fill dark depressions that form as we get older. She also has a bag of creative tricks for using Botox — not just on the brow, but in other spots…As injections become increasingly refined and artful in the hands of experts like Nash, it’s little wonder that appointments for more expensive surgeries are dropping off, while injections earn new recruits all the time.